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It is widely acknowledged that there is an inextricable link between watching TV and the development of children’s personality. However, whether the content or the quantity of time allocated for such a pastime affects their codes of conduct triggers a source of debate. This essay aim to analyse both sides of this issue in depth before my conclusion is drawn.
On the one hand, that the information that children access affects their behaviors is supported by some. The important explanation for this issue is their innocent and curious nature. In fact, children are so immature that they fail to distinguish right from wrong. As a result, it is highly likely that children can imitate and develop inappropriate behaviors later without sufficient awareness, especially in the absence of parental guidance. To illustrate, those who get exposed to brutally violent scenesduring their formative years are likely to be noncompliantand stubborn, andthus they are more vulnerable to psychological disorders. Therefore, what is shown on the television exerts a substantial effect on the way that children behave.
On the other hand, some maintain that TV viewing duration of children induces some changes in their personality. It is true that excessive exposureto TV deprives the young of time to get involved in social activities. Thus, a paltry amount of time is left for face-to-face conversations and other morally-beneficial activities which help them mold their personality. Even worse, some children spending a large number of hourssticking their eyes to the screen tend to experience social isolation or autism. Thus, the quantity of time spent on such a recreational activityinfluences children’s behavior patterns.
In conclusion, both information children receive and duration that theyspend on television programs have a certain role to play in the formation of theirbehaviors. In my opinion, thecontent shown on television greatly impacts on their moral standards.

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