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Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others.
a. appreciate b. experience c. embarrassing d. situation
a. excited b. interested c. confident d. memorable
a. floppy b. embrace c. cotton d. idol
a. complain b. destroy c. terrify d. imagine
a. carefully b. correctly c. seriously d. personally
Choose the one word or phrase- a, b, c, or d – that best completes the sentences or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
What made you more interested ________ learning English?
a. on b. in c. with d. to
He always complained ________ his mother about his work.
a. with b. to c. at d. for
A few people enjoyed the exhibition, but the majority were ________.
a. restrained b. admirable c. impartial d. disappointed
The girl was so ________ that she didn`t look at him in the face.
a. shy b. confident c. impatient d. sneaky
There is a growing tendency among singers to _____ some famous singers.
a. imitate b. follow c. reflect d. pursue
An only child often creates an ________ friend to play with.
a. imagery b. imaginable c. imaginary d. imaginative
I felt my face burning with ________.
a. confidence b. enthusiasm c. pleasure d. embarrassment
I believe that everyone has had ________ experiences in their life.
a. memorable b. observable c. acceptable d. reflexible
He rose from his chair and ________ her warmly.
a. protected b. replaced c. embraced d. appreciated
She showed her ________ by asking lots of trivial questions.
a. experience b. experienced c. inexperienced d. inexperience
Choose the word or phrase – a, b, c, or d – that best fits the blank space in each sentence.
Not a word ________ since the exam started.
a. she wrote b. she had written c. had she written d. she has written
Among the many valuable paintings in the gallery ________ a self-portrait by Picasso.
a. is b. are c. be d. were
My father isn`t interested in tennis and ________.
a. my brothers don`t either b. so aren`t my brothers
c. neither do my brothers d. neither are my brothers
`Did you enjoy the picnic?` `I was okay, but I`d rather ________ to a movie.`
a. go b. be going c. have gone d. went
Since ________ to a warmer and less humid climate, I`ve had no trouble with my asthma.
a. upon moving b. moving c. I move d. I moving
He looked forward to ________ his first pay packet.
a. be receiving b. have received c. receiving d. receive
I`m sorry you`ve missed the train, it ________ five minutes ago.
a. had left b. left c. has left d. has been left
________ you at the station if you`d told me you were coming today.
a. I`d meet b. I was met c. I met d. I`d have met
It was ________ that everyone answered it correctly.
a. so a simple question b. such a simple question
c. too simple question d. a more simple question
The university ____ by private funds as well as by tuition income and grants.
a. is supported b. supports c. is supporting d. has supported
Choose the underlined word or phrase -A, B, C, or D- that needs correcting.
Computers have made access to information instantly available just by push
a few buttons.( by pushing)
We have heard so many news about recent developments in computer
technology. (so much)
Fifteen hundred dollars a year were the per capita income in the United
States in 1950. (was)
In science, the results of an experiment

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