15` anh – Thư viện Đề thi và Kiểm tra Đề thi Toán Đại số lớp 8

Sau đây Kho_đề_thi Đề thi Toán Đại số lớp 8 xin thu thập lại bạn đọc về 15` anh, nội dung được tham khảo từ nhiều nguồn, Nếu bạn thấy hay hoặc cần thông tin gì vui lòng để lại comment bình luận

1. All the housework … at home .
a. should be done b. should do c. should be doing .
2. The application form … to the university before May31st.
a. must send b. must be send c. sent
3. Traffic rules … strictly.
a. must be followed b. should do c. should be doing .
4. Students … to participate in the after school activities .
a. encourage b. are encouraged c. encouraged
5. The performing animals….. in iron cages .
a. keep b. are kept c. are keep
6. The animal performance is going to … on television tonight .
a. show b. be showing c. be shown
7. Water .. on Mars .
a. might find b. might be found c. is finding
8. The problem of traffic- jam … as soon as possible .
a. must solve b. must be solved c. must be solving .
9. Goods … to your hose if you order .
a. may deliver b. may be delivering c. may be delivered .
10. Vietnamese women can continue … the unique and fashionable
a. to wear b. wearing c. wear .
11. …..clothes do you prefer , T-shirt or pullover?
a. What b. How c. Which d. Where
12. My uncle was a ….. . He had a large collection of musical .
a. music b. musical c. musician .
13 . Vietnamese women prefer to wear modern clothing … work.
a. at b. in c. to
14. Peter got … quickly and went to school .
a. a dress b. dressed c. dressing d.
15. It’s …. to call anyone at night .
a. convenience b. inconvenience c. inconvenient .
16. The Ao dai is the …. Dress of Vietnamese women .
a. beautiful b. traditional c. casual
17. ……….. have fashion designers done to modernize the ao dai?
a. How b. what c. Why
18. The word jeans comes …. A kind of material that was made in Europe .
a. in b. at c. from
19. The national dress of Japanese women is ……..
a. Kimono b. Ao dai c. Sari .
20 . Nguyen Du is considered a famous Vietnamese ……
a. poetry b. poem c. poet

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