12 de Anh van thi TN-co Keys – Thư viện Đề thi và Kiểm tra Đề thi Toán Đại số lớp 9

Tổng hợp bài Kho_đề_thi Đề thi Toán Đại số lớp 9 xin thu thập lại bạn đọc về 12 de Anh van thi TN-co Keys, thông tin được tham khảo từ nhiều nguồn, Nếu bạn thấy hay hoặc cần thông tin gì vui lòng để lại comment bình luận

Test 1
A. Which word is stressed differently from the others?
1. A. interesting B. exciting C. frightening D. boring
2. A. relaxed B. confused C. tired D. surprised
3. A. obligation B. necessity C. achievement D. stupidity
4. A. finish B. reduce C. oven D. paper
5. A. description B. umbrella C. jewelry D. creation
B. Which underlined part is pronounced differently?
6. A. introduce B. promise C. bother D. popular
7. A. arrange B. paper C. say D. stand
8. A. looked B. smiled C. stayed D. listened
9. A. pens B. books C. tables D. walls
10. A. include B. conclude C. surface D. stupid
A. Choose the word (A, B, C, or D) that best completes each sentence.
11. “How was the magic show?”
“It was …… .”
A. surprising entertaining B. surprisingly entertained C. surprisingly entertaining D. surprisingly entertainment
12. What time do you get through work every day?
A. finish B. begin C. go to D. come back from
13. I can’t ride my bicycle …… there isn’t any air in one of the tires.
A. despite B. because C. although D. but
14. It will last for at least a week. So it might be …… than a week.
A. more B. less C. much less D. a good deal less
15. We have caught …… today.
A. as many as fish B. as many as ten fish C. as many as ten fishes D. many as ten fish
16. I’m not a tailor and this skirt is too long. If I were you, I should …… .
A. shorten it B. have it shortened C. have shortened it D. have it shorten
17. I’m worried …… my final exam in statistics.
A. about failing B. to fail C. with failing D. to failure
18. I regretted …… like that. I was sorry to have done so.
A. to answer B. answering C. answer D. to answering
19. “Do you like being married?”
“Yes, but I’m not used …… every night.”
A. to cook B. to cooking C. cooking D. to have cooked
20.These vegetables don’t taste …… to me.
A. well B. deliciously C. freshly D. fresh
21. Please turn off the light. We don’t need it now.
A. switch off B. extinguish C. put out D. put off
22. We …… for this seminar since last year.
A. wait B. waited C. has waited D. have waited
23. …… this seminar before?
A. Do you take B. Did you take C. Have you taken D. Has you taken
24. It was very good, but I …… many things since then.
A. forget B. forgot C. have forgotten D. has forgotten
25. I think she …… right now.
A. studying B. studied C. is studying D. studies
26. When you …… your work, you may leave the room.
A. finishing B. have been finishing C. have finished D. finish
27. Help me …… this letter.
A. translate B. translating C. translated D. with translation
28. Jack made me …… him next week.
A. to promise to call B. to promise calling C. promise to call D. promise calling
29. They forced us ……

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